Thursday, 12 November 2009


To give you an insight on the concept for the hair design, we wanted to see something ultra graphic, compact and alpha in the external shape of the hair (like the type of hair you could wear and make a bold statement with, but with an elegance and simplicity to it also). And on the interior something that has these abstract type texture changes and oldish unstable versatility to when spun.. looking at the images you should be able to see these weird and wacky movements in the hair which can be provoked unusually . i loved the concept of having areas in the shape that moved better than others giving you this feeling of temptation to move the hair again and see what it will do next..

All hair design by INSTANTBARBER except photos 3 and 4 hair design by INSTANTBARBER and Jays Ways
Photography by Grant Squibb


  1. good job dan. i think you should try and organize more shoots for your work.

  2. I like your style!

  3. this is just amazing work. i love it. so creative. bro, you gotta educate me. i have to be able to do this.