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1)What corner of the earth are you from?
I'm from the corner of free thinkers and non conformers.

2)During the days when you couldn't tie your shoe laces, what ambitions did you have?
I cant lie.. ha ha i wanted to be an actor, i gotta say i was and will always be inspired by Bruce Lee as a person and as an artist, just the mental and physical ability he possessed and the unconditional love he had for his art form, was rack-in my brains as a child.. i was completely taken back by him without truly understanding how deep he really was. a true inspiration to me.

3)What have those visions become? What are you now?
Wow, i think it gave me the belief to chase down what it might be that i want to do with myself at any point in time.. i stopped caring about what people think at quite an early age and i think its always been to my benefit that Ive kept that state of mind.. although it can be hard at times, you gotta do what suits you and the people that have love for you will show support.. i love the fact that I'm in a position where i can teach people of all ages and races that are passionate about their art and truly want to learn. its dope

4)Assuming you have a crystal ball, circa year 2020, what do you see you doing?
showing love and expanding minds..

5)A law is about to be passed to say hairdressing is about to be abolished. What would you say in its defence to keep it in existence?
I don't think i need to answer that one, you can pretty much guess yourself what that would mean.. hahalol

6)A car needs fuel to drive, what is it you need to keep your engine running (apart from food)?
beautiful women, and my friends that keep pushing me to get my shit out there..

7)One word: HOW? Let's pretend this is Hairdressing For Dummies'
I think the most important thing when cutting someones hair is to look at the person first and envision how you would them to look.. i won't touch a woman's hair without knowing where i want to go with the look first.. without getting too technical, you have to understand a person's face shape and the type of bone structure they have, then you can begin to build a shape and structure to suit the wearer. It's very similar to the way architects would work with landscapes and the natural geographical surroundings.. also depending on how good your eye is, would, for me define the level of taste in a persons work.. its all about training your eyes to see the details and having a broad mind..

8)A carpenter can't do without his hammer, a pilot has to have 20:20 vision, what is your most vital tool?
without doubt, my knowledge, anyone can buy a pair of scissors..

9)If you had to draw a shape that illustrates the individual style reflected in your work, what shape would you draw and why?
i wouldn't be a good artist or teacher if i relied on one shape, so the only answer i can give you is a combination of shapes.

10)If you had an object in your pocket to give me right now that reflects something about your signature style in your work, what would you hand me and why?
i would hand u a piece of my mind ha ha, if you know me, you'll know I'm always keeping my wide eyes open. I watch loads of movies and stuff and i LOVE having references from across the board of genres in my work..My working process is one which never approaches a project blindly, I build my work around things that have inspired me, whether it be a photograth, exhibition or an experience that i have had. I try to expose myself to new things as much as possible. The most rewarding thing for me is when someone is able to see these influences in the texture of my work, that's amazing and I would never try to conceal what has inspired me, i'll only embace and expose what it is..

11)You have a pot of paint in front of you and you are about to paint the rest of your life in one colour, what colour would be revealed when the pot was opened?
again i really wouldn't be able define myself by one colour, because my mood can change quite dramatically, so i can only say it would be some mad type of multicolour mix over time..

11)If perfection came in human form, who does what you do to perfection?
there's always going to be masters of their craft, which we need so that we can learn from them.. but the nature of any art form is that no one is meant to work identically or have the exact same vision. I've recently set up a blog which is called and its for friends and people who are interested and want to support me. its going to be a lot of fun, I'm going to be setting up some quite exciting things in the near future including a instantbarber concept clothing line.. which is going to be FRESH to say the least, lol. Check out my blog to keep up-to-date with what i'm doing.

12)Assuming you love what you do, is there anything about it that makes your heart skip beats?
just seeing people go from nothing to actually being better than a lot of so called professionals in such a short space of time. there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a person apply themselves and getting back what they deserve.

13)On the other hand, is there anything about what you do that makes you want to slam doors?
nope. i think everyday you might have some type of battle on your hands, but you learn to overcome the downs of anything.

14)And for your most momentous moment in your career so far please...
just getting to be where i am at the moment and being able to have creative freedom on a day to day basis. i know i still have i a long way to go to get to where i want to be, but i know I'm going to get there.

15)A tourist visiting London comes up to you in the street and asks you to suggest somewhere to spend their afternoon, where would you advise?
A trip down "radicalboulevard".

16) London needs...
less CCTV cameras, Less oyster cards, Less franchised coffee outlets, and less corporate fast food chains, Less mainstream media advertising and corporate deception, i would love to see more workshops in local areas set up by councils and companies within those boroughs for kids that are interested in art and sport both of which are areas that i feel are not taken as seriously as they should be. There should also be a better range of opportunities and support for collage or university leavers who want to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

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