Friday, 6 November 2009


I had nothing to do with these shots, but i thought it was quite cool so decided put it up seeing as i'm all ways getting told off for not putting enough of my work up, which is probably about right.. obviously i cut young vicky's hair. i done it a few weeks back for a shoot we done which i will be updating you on soon.. in fact there is two shoots we done together this year (one of them which represented sassoon academy for 2009 and won) so please hold tight for both. what i liked was you can see it wasn't a hair shoot, but it looks like the cut had a real part to play in the inspiration for the images and i hope you can feel the shape definitely stands out. I've really been into making hair look wiggy, false & ruffled. the same way wig designers try to make wigs look like real hair and unfalse just doing the opposite! so where you can see the hair didn't have much ironing or combing i think worked perfectly.

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